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Ardeypharm, located in Herdecke, Germany, is a leading pharmaceutical specialist in development and manufacturing of probiotic drugs. Such as the clinical evidence-based drug Mutaflor, which contains the world’s unique non-pathogenic Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917 as API.
The Ardeypharm product range is completed by a number of chemically and herbally defined drugs.

Finished probiotic drugs and phyto-pharmaceuticals

We are convinced that mother nature provides many effective drugs for the benefit of human health. Ardeypharm produces and distributes in Germany a wide range of probiotic and herbal medicinal products.

The product range, offered to physicians, pharmacists and patients, includes a number of chemically defined drugs that perfectly complement various therapeutic concepts

Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917

Ardeypharm is the company that managed the transfer of Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917 from cultivation to fermentation. Based on the established GMP fermentation of E. coli strain Nissle 1917, Ardeypharm developed and  registered modern pharmaceutical dosage forms as a biological drug.

Established research into the health-promoting role of the intestinal microbiota

Ardeypharm was one of the first companies to become aware of the importance of intestinal microbiota (former intestinal flora) for human health. Since 1971, we have continued research and development of the E. coli strain Nissle 1917 for medical purposes. Both, the human microbiota as well as the development of biological drugs remain the focus of our research.

Our R&D department works closely with hospitals and universities elsewhere around the globe.

Probiotic drugs for the gastrointestinal tract

Chemically defined drugs

Herbal remedies