Adiclair® – Nystatin

  • Antifungal conception to effectively tackle Candida-infections
  • Topical therapy of intestinal Candida infections in particular during or after therapy with corticosteroids, antibiotics or cytostatica.

Today, Adiclair is used as one of the basic therapeutic brands in the treatment of infections due to different susceptible Candida-species. According to the therapeutic demands, Nystatin is formulated in different pharmaceutical dosage forms. As a topical antifungal agent Nystatin is not indicated for systemic fungal infections, therefore it is well tolerated.

Nystatin is indicated in the treatment of topical conditions of candida-infections. Adiclair contains Nystatin as API. Nystatin belongs to the group of polyene antifungal drugs. It was isolated from cultures of Streptomyces noursei in 1950. The fungicidal and fungistatic effect of the antimycotic polyene antibiotic is based on its binding to sterols in the cell membrane of harmful Candida-species, which changes the permeability of their cell membrane.

Juniorlax® – Macrogol plus electrolytes

  • Evidenced-based treatment of chronic constipation in children aged 2 to 11 years
  • Proven efficacy and tolerability
  • Facilitates gentle transit of colonic content
  • Does not induce tolerance or dependence
  • Suitable for long-term therapy
  • Fruity taste
  • Macrogol 3350, sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen carbonate, potassium chloride
  • 30 and 50 single‐dose sachet powder for oral solution
  • Easy to use, flexible dosing

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